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When creating a new coupon, go to: Choose option "3" which is to "Create a coupon" From there, you will set up a coupon as normal. When making "Thank You Coupons", here are some tips to keep in mind: Make the coupon discount higher than you normally would do for first-time customers. Give it a time limit somewhere between weeks. You want to push customers to make a 2nd purchase soon.

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Give them little time to think and plan it out, but soon enough that it feels urgent. Test it out for yourself to see what time limits work best for your Etsy Shop. Does that make sense? I assume you have created a promotion already within your seller account? Otherwise, the only time the buyer will see it is during the checkout process — which defeats the purpose since the buyer has already decided to purchase the item. Is there a way to give a buyer a coupon code for a discount? Selling on Amazon.

Coupon codes can give a certain percentage off your order, a fixed dollar amount off, or free or discounted shipping. They can apply to most items a store sells, or only to specific items or categories. Some require a minimum purchase amount. Stores issue these codes through various channels, such as their newsletters, their own website, or through other websites that promote current deals and coupons.

Some discounts are applied automatically at checkout without a code, at times only by clicking through a certain link. A coupon code will be a mix of letters or numbers, usually around 5 to 10 characters in all caps, that will sometimes appear random ex. FTRFT and other times will spell out actual words or portions of words ex. The code itself can sometimes give clues as to what kind of discount it provides. Once you locate a code to use, you can usually apply it to your order by typing it or copying and pasting it into the coupon code box, and then clicking the button to apply it.

This box can be found at various stages of checkout, depending on the store you are ordering from. Some stores will let you apply the code in the shopping cart before proceeding to checkout, while others may not let you apply it until you've reached a certain point in the checkout process. This may be after you enter your shipping and billing address, or even after your credit card information.

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Just be careful not to accidentally place the order before you've entered the code. Now that you know the basic elements to using a coupon code online , we'll dig a little deeper into the process. While it's a simple concept — find a code, add an item to your cart, apply the code, and check out — many stores feature complicated checkout systems that can frustrate even seasoned shoppers. Stores vary widely in how they handle promo codes in the checkout process. The best stores are up-front and clear about their codes.

Everything You Need to Know About Online Coupon Codes

They apply the codes right away in the shopping cart, prominently display your discount, and may even provide the exact details of the coupon once you apply it. If your particular purchase isn't eligible for the discount, some stores will help you find something that is eligible by noting the parameters. Many, but not all, stores will at least display a message explaining if your purchase is invalid or ineligible. However, many retailers aren't as forthcoming; some stores will have you jump through a few hoops before you find out if the coupon will work for your order.

You may have to go through the checkout process and enter all of your information, even your credit card number, before you can see if the coupon is valid. There are also cases where the store will appear to accept a coupon, but will show absolutely no information and no discount, like a coupon black hole. Exclusions Even if a code appears to be general and apply to anything offered on the site, there will typically be at least a few exclusions. Unless specifically stated, coupons won't discount store gift cards or certain brands that are excluded because of manufacturer restrictions.

Some coupons will exclude entire categories, such as sale and clearance items, or items with special pricing, such as "Deal of the Day" items. Free shipping coupons may exclude oversized or heavy items. At a few stores, exclusions can be so substantial that it's almost hard to find an item that the code does apply to.

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Online Coupon Codes.
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Restrictions If the store you are shopping at has a Marketplace, or other sellers listed on their site, coupons may not apply to these items. In most cases, coupons will only apply to items the store sells directly. A code will also not work if it has already expired.

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Stores can discontinue codes before the expiration date they provide, or there may not be an exact expiration given, meaning the offer can end at any time. Getting More Details If you see the coupon listed on the store's website, check for a "details" link with fine print that can provide insight into what items are eligible for the discount and what items aren't.

These links can be found in a variety of places — on the homepage, on product pages, or in the cart after the code is applied — and it can save a lot of time to review this information to verify if your purchase is eligible before going through the checkout process.

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Alternatively, try Googling the coupon to find any restrictions. Be sure that you are typing or pasting the coupon code correctly.

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Most codes are in caps, and some are case-sensitive, so the code might not work if you enter it in lowercase. If you copy-and-paste the code, be sure there are no blank spaces before or after that could prompt an error message. And if the code is email-specific, you will need access to that email account. Many coupons have a minimum purchase. This means you have to spend a certain amount on eligible items before you can get the discount. The minimum only applies to the actual cost of the items in your order after any instant discounts and does not include extra costs like tax or shipping, when applicable.

Again, you can sometimes get clues from the code itself. You can also try checking the store's website for details or doing an Internet search for the store name and the code to see if you can find more information on the requirements.


Once you've mastered these trouble-shooting skills, then you're ready to move on to Advanced Couponing, in which we teach you how to find coupons on your own. By now, you're probably feeling pretty clever. You've mastered the basics, and you can easily right your wrongs along the way. Now, you're ready to take it to the next level: Now that we've covered a few coupon basics, you might be wondering where you can find coupon codes.

Some stores will list codes right on their website, which is very convenient, but it may not be the best discount available for your particular order. There are also many cases where coupon codes for a store exist, but aren't listed on the store's website at all.