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Join now! This litter doesn't have a smell always good , and absorbs Kitten's bathroom deeds quite well. It clumps okay, and has a handy carrying handle for easy mobility. This is really amazing quality litter, it lasts a very long time! Comes in a big tub with a handle so it's easy to take with you. It's the only cat litter I use and my 3 fur babies do like it.

It really does clump making cleaning the litter box a simple chore. I find the scent is strong enough to mask any foul odours. As far as cat litter goes this one is pretty good at helping with absorbency and smell. I do find it to be a bit pricey so I generally wait till I have coupons or it goes on sale!

No cat litter is perfect, but this is the best that I can seem to find. It doesn't really clump for my cat's amount of urine output, but it's pretty absorbent otherwise. Maine Bangor. South Portland. Maryland Annapolis. Massachusetts Boston. Michigan Detroit. Grand Rapids. Sterling Heights. Minnesota Duluth. Saint Paul. Mississippi Biloxi. Missouri Independence.

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Kansas City. Saint Louis. Montana Billings. Great Falls. Nebraska Bellevue. Grand Island. Nevada Henderson. Las Vegas.

Purina Maxx Scoop Litter: Free Coupons Inside

North Las Vegas. New Hampshire Concord. New Jersey Elizabeth. Jersey City. New Mexico Albuquerque. Las Cruces. Rio Rancho. Santa Fe.

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New York Albany. New York. North Carolina Charlotte. Winston Salem. North Dakota Bismarck. Grand Forks. Ohio Cincinnati. Oklahoma Lawton. Oklahoma City. Oregon Eugene. Pennsylvania Allentown.

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Rhode Island Cranston. East Providence. South Carolina Charleston. North Charleston. Rock Hill.

South Dakota Aberdeen. Rapid City. Sioux Falls. Tennessee Chattanooga. Texas Austin. El Paso. San Antonio. Utah Provo. Their room was filled with stray litter, and I was starting to find it around the house over the next few days. I thought it clumped well, was a bit dusty though.

It seemed to take a while to clump solid though, I kept finding dried litter on my boys paws. I think I need to go back to the heavier one, maybe even give the Costco brand a try. My own little bubs are okay with the switch, but I miss my Maxx!!

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Ralph Younger. Mar 31st, 6: This is worst than zombie apocalypse Report Post. Loved Maxx Scoop, clumped good, didn't stick to the scoop, etc. Great move Purina! Mar 31st, 7: I've purchased their new Tidy Cats but haven't used it yet. I just hope it's as good as Maxx Why can't these companies leave well enough alone?

I've only ever used Maxx and have never had any problems whatsoever with it I hope this new one is just as good. I must have looked through ten places that used to sell it over the past few months and never found a single pail. I found it odd that it disappeared so quickly. Apr 1st, 1: No wonder I haven't been able to find it anywhere the last two weeks! I'm really annoyed about this. My cat and me like the green pail and I've been purchasing it for many years. Purina, you have to bring it back! Listen to the consumers! Apr 1st, 2: Hopefully they will bring it back to Canadians.

Great litter, best we ever tried, stocked up a bit when on sale, purchased even if not on sale. Apr 1st, 7: They're just trying to find new ways to do things cheaper and cheaper while charging more and more. Lowering the quality of Maxx scoop would have been just wrong, so the way to go was to discontinue it and push something new and of lower quality in it's place. I hope Purina suffers major losses because of this. I hope people resort to buying litter from other companies because of this The "small spaces" Maxx scoop was also handy for people living in apartments.

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Oh well. Apr 1st, 9: Lowes are had two. I think I cleared out all of East Ottawa as I got my hands on 22 tubs in total. I wish there were more "small spaces" ones, but I'll settle for the regular kind. Apr 2nd, 1: Apr 2nd, 4: We use "The Worlds Best Litter" it is made from corn, clumps better than the clay and is environmentally friendly and flushable with no problems. Apr 2nd, Apr 3rd, It has to be replaced often, does not clumop well, and within a VERY short time, smells of ammonia.

I have 5 cats, and Maxi scoop kept the lace odour fee, but tidy cats is useless. Whoever had the bright idea of replacing Maxi Scoop with this stuff should be fired immediately. It simply does not work. Meanwhile I'm off to Canadian Tire to stock up on what little remains of it, until I can get some good recommendations on something that does work. Wouldn't dream of using them for litter disposal.

Heck, a big one is set aside for use as a hope-it-never-happens emergency toilet bucket, plastic bag, clumping litter, toilet seat. The quality of the Maxx litter had deteriorated over the last year or so, and it seemed as though the price just kept getting higher, so I've been branching out. Can't really wax enthusiastic about any product, nor am I willing to spend more on litter than catfood. I keep four litter boxes for my three cats. The spent litter is somewhat fluffy and very light weight.

I buy Rainforest from a local pet store, no idea where else it is to be found.