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FIGS' long-sleeve or short-sleeve super-soft under-scrubs are designed to provide optimal comfort under your core scrubs. Core scrubs come with either a single pocket or three pockets. If you prefer something with more unique design characteristics or added style, click your way to the Limited Edition Scrubs section of wearFIGS.

These selections usually include items like track scrub pants, scrub jackets, and wide-leg scrub pants. You can also find a lab coat that perfectly fits your needs on wearFIGS.

Premium Quality Healthcare Uniforms

While FIGS lab coats may look like standard designs, you'll definitely notice the quality that goes into each coat with the stitching and fabric used. Outerwear you'll find on the site includes reversible fleece vests. Bobbi hoodies for men, and Ferrier fleece jackets with convenient pockets for hospital ID cards or personal items for women. It's just as easy to accessorize when shopping on wearFIGS. The compression socks are a good buy if added support and comfort while standing on your feet all day is important to you.

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  7. If you want to add some personality to your style, consider adding a FIGS baseball hat to your bag. Another handy option that FIGS offers is the ability to make group orders if you need to outfit your entire staff. Student discounts are also available.

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    If you browse through the posted reviews, you'll notice that many customers comment on how soft and comfortable the scrubs are, a plus for anyone who must frequently wear this particular type of clothing. Giving Assistant keeps customer satisfaction in mind by offering the latest deals for many popular sites, like wearFIGS. We provide added peace of mind by ensuring that others in need are helped every time a transaction is completed with one of our codes.

    Giving has never been so personally rewarding! FIGS on Facebook: Always be in the know when FIGS collections are updated or customer favorites are on sale by becoming a follower of an account that's also loaded with wearer-submitted pics and videos, product profiles, and other social treats. FIGS on Twitter: This is the FIGS account to add to your social circle if you want alerts when new deals and last-minute savings opportunities are available and access to content that includes customer-submitted pics and comments and updates on new colors and limited-edition scrubs.

    FIGS on Instagram: It shouldn't take followers of FIGS on this visually appealing account long to figure out why so many satisfied customers have ditched their ordinary scrubs in favor of the more flattering and durable options available on wearFIGS. FIGS on Pinterest: Featured boards on this account are populated with eye-catching pins dedicated to scrub essentials for men and women, a close-up look at the company's products in use by satisfied wearers, and the brand's Threads for Threads program. You'll even find tips on how to eat well and other inspirational content posted by the FIGS team.

    Learn how FIGS is revolutionizing the medical apparel industry through its use of soft, comfy, technical fabrics by becoming a follower of this informative account. See for yourself how comfortable, stylish, and versatile FIGS scrubs can be while checking out an assortment of engaging product videos by making this account one of your preferred social destinations.

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    Whether you work in the medical industry or simply love lounging in comfortable clothing, scrubs can be an essential part of your everyday wardrobe. The spectrum of colors available includes soothing grays, deep blues, and black. For health professionals working in outdoor conditions, FIGS also carries a fitted fleece jacket or vest that includes handy pockets for holding gear. If you need a lab coat, the sizes available at WearFigs.

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