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Since it is winter now, the first thing that came to my eyes is this fabulous and fluffy coat, perfect to keep warm and pamper its owner. Do you like it? For all those who have precise requests this site has a wide choice of elements for every piece of garment. Since spring is not far away, I also checked their dresses because my favorite piece of garment during spring are the gracious and trendy dresses in a wide range of colors and shapes. These dresses I chose to present to you are one of the cutest and most fancy dresses I have ever seen.

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For all those interested in their products, I have to inform you that in order to see the prices, you have to register and the registration is reserved for trade customers that have a business and a VAT code. As you can see I found many delightful items, very fashionable and perfect for my desires. Have you found something you might like? Publicat de Woman Today la 6: Monday, February 4, My personal review of another favourite mask, guess what mask that might be? Ciao carissimi lettori,. Oggi ritorno con una recensione di una delle mie maschere viso in tessuto preferite.

Tipologia di pelle: Valutazione personale: Ho acquistato questo prodotto diverse volte e ogni volta sono rimasta molto soddisfatta del risultato finale. Consiglio questa maschera alle persone che cercano un prodotto pregiato, che desiderano una pelle luminosa, ottima idratazione e che hanno tempo per godersi una posa di 30 minuti.

Cosa ne pensate? I will talk again about the brand Papa Recipe that has not sponsored in any way this article, as my post is the expression of my honest opinion as a consumer. So the product reviewed today by me is the Bombee Rose Gold Honey Mask , an illuminating face mask with damask rose extract and pearls. Thanks to these ingredients, to which are added extracts of centifolia rose, honey, propolis and Chondrus crispus Stackhouse red alga, the skin should be more luminous and revitalized. The mask should be applied to the clean face leaving it to act for minutes and after removal the excess serum can be removed with a swab or as I prefer, massaging it slowly until completely absorbed.

Sephora stores, internet. Type of skin: Personal evaluation: As I said at the beginning of my post, this product is one of my favorite fabric face masks. I like it because it has a good load of serum and after 30 minutes of laying, the skin is brighter, beautiful, radiant, soft, hydrated and smooth. As you have already noticed from the photos this mask has virtually 2 sides , I confess that it took me a while to figure out how to put it but studying the illustrations on the package I realized that the side that looks like a honeycomb should be in contact with the skin.

I would have liked more information about the application from the instructions for use. I really liked the scent, an excellent mix of honey and rose. The honey scent is prevalent but there is also a light and very pleasant scent of rose. I purchased this product several times and each time I was very satisfied with the final result. The list of ingredients even if it is not completely bio because it also contains some PEG or other chemical, is still a very good list. I believe that this product also at full price has an excellent quality - price ratio.

At this moment this product is no longer available in the Sephora shop that I usually attend and not even in the Sephora online site. I recommend this mask to people who are looking for a prized product, who want a bright skin, excellent hydration and who have time to enjoy a minute pose. As you can see in my last photo, after applyng this mask I didn't need foundation or any other kind of make-up treatment and with just a little bit of mascara, eyeliner and lipstick I was ready to go.

What do you think about that? This post is the result of my experience as a consumer. Publicat de Woman Today la Buongiorno a tutti! Spero che questo sia veramente un buongiorno per voi e siccome si dice che un buongiorno si conosce dal mattino ho deciso di parlarvi di un prodotto che da diversi mesi mi aiuta a iniziare bene la giornata.

Per me la routine di skin care del viso inizia sempre al mattino con una buona pulizia del viso. Ha una consistenza che sembra riunire un gel, una crema, un olio e uno scrub con particele fine. Ha un colore grigio che appena massaggiato sulla pelle inumidita, diventa una leggera schiuma bianca. Ha un profumo piacevole di eucalipto e piante.

Si presenta in un elegante e pratico tubo e contiene 75 ml. Rappresentatrici Avon, Internet. Opinione personale: Lo consiglio soprattutto alle persone che usano anche prodotti non bio e che non hanno problemi aspettare le settimane richieste dalla consegna. Hello everybody,. The response i get is the worse part and this is a copy paste of the email back " We are terribly sorry for the problem.

Literally the worst place I have ordered a cosplay from. I ordered a men's medium.

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The chest over 3 inches larger than it was supposed to be and the waist was over 6 inches! I contacted them about it and showed them proof they told me they would refund me for only the top piece of the costume this is after multiple photos and emails.

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Terrible Chinese cons! Stolen images on site and missing pieces!

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Do not truest!!! I love how fast they were, they did an amazing job on the outfit and got it out so fast that I was able to use it for the event i want too which was so close to the time i put in the order itself. Nice shop, variety custome to choose, fast deliver and support OEM orders, really customer-friendly support. This is probably going to get pretty long because boy do I have a LOT to talk about.

We'll also preface by saying that I tried to leave a review similar to this one on their direct site, but after I submitted it, it says that moderation is checking it before posting. Ha, been more than a day and my review never showed up on the site. Figures the only 3 on there are very short, positive reviews because those are the only ones the "moderators" let appear on the site. I only chose them because after hours of looking, I couldn't find any other sites with that outfit there were only 2 others that had anything even close to decent reviews or good product pictures.

For starters, I paid extra for custom fitting because I'm a short, slim girl but with a lot of curves so I wanted to make sure it fit right. I also paid extra for the faster shipping method to make sure I got it before the con I'm going to in early October. I ordered this August 14th. I'll talk about the shitty communication and shipping first because there's less to talk about with that than with the actual product I received. Their site says that it takes days to ship, but I waited 2 weeks and a few days.

I also didn't even receive my shipping confirmation email! Apparently my ordered shipped on August 30th it also says days tailoring time, but it took 15 but I never got the email. So, almost 3 weeks after I placed my order, I tried to get in contact with them thinking I've just been robbed of my money and I'm not going to receive anything. I tried contacting them via email, no response.

Tried contacting them via facebook, no response. Tried contacting them via their online contact form on the site, and finally they respond, and tell me my order has shipped and not to worry, I'll get it soon. I ask again for the tracking which they finally give to me. Oh boy, where do I start.. The shirt is just a white crop shirt so that speaks for itself.

Not sure which actually makes the product seen in the pictures, if any at all. That aside, my product looked nothing like the pictures. The skirt was made of barely-movable cloth can't walk if the fabric doesn't have ANY give to it whatsoever , NOT the leather seen in the photo. The belt is put on by velcro, but there's only one velcro on it for one size - which is fine, that actually fit me alright, but there's like another half of the belt hanging off in excess because of where the velcro is, so it doesn't lay flat or nicely at all and looks stupid - again, doesn't look like that in the photo.

Now, on to the fit. I paid extra for custom-sizing, remember. It's a good sizes too big, not even wearable. The seam placement is also a bit awkward so I'm not even sure how you'd alter it, and I'd have to take it to a tailor which will cost me even MORE money.

The shirt is soft but that's about it, shame I can't even wear it. The skirt is way too long her skirt is supposed to be a mini skirt, and this is literally just above my knee so I'd have to alter that too, and it's a little big around the waist. The black sleeves that go under the gloves fit fine on the forearm, but for some reason the little bit that goes onto the bicep is 4x the size of the forearm bit. It won't stay up at all and just falls down in a heap near my elbow. I don't even know what the hell happened there.

The gloves are fingerless like hers, but the fingers must have been for a damn baby. I have small hands and slim fingers and the seam that's supposed to sit in the webs of your fingers barely even goes past my second knuckle. Completely unwearable and unfixable at that! The wrist portion and part that goes on the forearm is also HUGE. I did send them my correct measurements; I made sure to have my mother do it for me as although she doesn't sew anymore she does know how to measure professionally, and I gave them all the info they asked for. They say they give inches wiggle room for comfort and mobility, but this was waaaay beyond that.

I don't even know what to say. So, now it's 3 weeks until the convention I'm going to. I wish I had done this in the first place, because now with putting together real garment pieces I'll have a costume that looks legit, is good quality, fits, is comfortable, and is worth the money. I've actually spent LESS on the real garment pieces than I have on the costume, and it blows the shit I received out of the water. I'm not sure if I'm still going to use the belt and suspenders; maybe if I can't find anything else for a reasonable price. Unico e Strano!! Amo alla Follia

I've ordered two other cosplays from other sites and haven't had an issue, but I am never ordering from this site again if I need a cosplay I can't put together with real clothes. I purchased a costume and boots for an upcoming con, but the costume and boots did not fit at all. I decided to shell out the money to get it tailored to my exact fit. I entered in the measurements for both the shoes and costume and made my purchase. When it arrived, I could not even get the pants on, I could not get the boots to zip, and I would have to bind my chest to get the shirt to fit. I looked at my invoice that came with the package and noticed that it said that I had ordered an X-Small.

Knowing that I did not purchase an X-Small and thinking that it must have been a glitch with the site, I contacted them telling them that I had requested a custom order and would like a refund as I would not be able to wear it in time for the con I was going to I was not asking for a full refund as I had purchased other items; I was just asking for the boots and costume to be refunded. To make a long story short, they refused to give me the refund and blamed me for not having checked my order which I did several times before sending it out.

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Overall the experience I had with this site has taught me to never purchase from Cosplay websites again as they are just looking to rip your off. I thought I would give this site a shot because I had met people who had great experiences commissioning and purchasing from EZ Cosplay, and I was also not able to make my cosplay this year due to school. Bought a kurumi dress but with custom measurements because i'm kinda tall.

One of my measurements was ignored and the arms where a total of 3 inches too short, i explained the case clearly stating it was 3 inches too short from what i ordered and they sent a me a new one Only it was exactly the same with the same mistake done again. Apparently the dressmaker had a different way of measuring from the instructions given by the webpage itself. And following the fact that the mistake was on their side i expected them to remake it but instead they said they'd done all they could and that i should take it to a tailor and just fix it myself.

Not only did i put a lot of effort into helping them find the problem but the contact also had terrible communication not only with me but also with the dressmaker. Unless you're fine with taking a chance if it comes out right or not and wasting hundreds of dollars in the process. La tua opinione Facoltativo. Tuo nome. Tuo messaggio. Grazie per aver votato! Raccontaci la tua esperienza dettagliatamente - potrebbe essere di aiuto per i nostri lettori!

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